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We enable smart decisions

What we do

We enable smart decisions

In an ever-changing world of digital information, some see challenges and limitations. We see unlimited opportunities to help out. At Bisnode, 2,400 experts work daily to interpret, refine and understand the data that forms the basis of our clients' business decisions. Bisnode helps make day-to-day life easier by delivering thousands of decision-making documents to companies, government agencies, municipalities and organizations every day.
Using Bisnode's quality-assured data, you can make wise decisions that increase profitability and develop your business. Bisnode has many custom solutions for those who face important decisions:

  • Grow your business with the right decision-making information
  • Optimize your risks with accurate analyses
  • Increase accuracy in your marketing

With Bisnode solutions, you have constant access to updated information and will be able to make decisions based on correct data.

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Experts in smart data

We are experts in smart data

We specialize in producing high-quality business, credit and market information that will help you make wise decisions. We operate in 18 European countries, and through our strategic partner Dun & Bradstreet we deliver local and global quality data to companies, government agencies, organizations and municipalities.

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Our customers

Our customers make decisions based on smart data

Our customers range from government agencies to small and medium-sized companies and global corporate groups. They operate in a variety of industries: banking and finance, the government and public sector, real estate, insurance, retail and manufacturing. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they have all chosen to let data be a driving force and to make decisions based on smart data.

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Smart data is the hard currency of our times

The future belongs to those who can refine and preserve data.

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Make smart business decisions

Discover what smart data and analytics can do for you and your business