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Our policy

We safeguard your privacy

We safeguard your privacy

Group policy guides everything we do

Bisnode complies with Bisnode's group-wide privacy policy, which is based on adherence to a strict code of ethics. We protect the individual's need for personal privacy by:

  • maintaining a business directory and a consumer directory with set purposes: for marketing and for facilitating contacts in business and with consumers.
  • processing adequate and relevant personal data about executives and other employees who already have personal data published in directories, with with government agencies or registries or who, through their work, have been directly registered with Bisnode.
  • not processing sensitive or private personal data.
  • having an active "do not" function so that every registered individual or company owns the right to refuse direct marketing.
  • requiring that direct marketing containing personal data obtained from Bisnode always states Bisnode as the address source.
  • not releasing information if Bisnode suspects that it could be used in conflict with Bisnode's stated purposes and could, thereby or otherwise, violate the individual's privacy.
  • actively communicating how we manage personal data in surveys, directly through our own or others' direct marketing, and indirectly through advertising and on the internet.
  • maintaining advanced and modern technical security when processing personal data.
  • having quick and efficient customer service to update, correct, block and delete personal data that is false or incomplete.
  • having procedures in place for processing extracts.
  • appointing a qualified representative for personal data.