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Bisnode Direct Display Advertising

Target your audiences

Target your audiences

Better insights makes relevant campaigns

With this offering we allow our clients to combine and use all of Bisnode’s data, the client’s own data and Facebook data. Using real time big data analytics, we create very precise and highly effective target audiences for each phase of the customer lifecycle. (Understand, Get Grow, Keep) We make these audiences available to our customers.

Additionally, having access to Bisnode’s Data Quality solutions allows you to match more of your own data with Facebook’s data, to ensure none of your data is lost when executing campaigns.

How does Direct Display Advertising through Facebook and Instagram work?

How does Direct Display Advertising through Facebook and Instagram work?

  • Access the audiences directly through your own Facebook Business Manager allowing you to immediately start using the audiences for Campaigns as you see best fit.
  • Possibility for you to let Bisnode take care of the campaign management, so you don’t need to worry about the technicalities of doing Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
This is what it does

This is what it does

  • Combine your data, our data and Facebook data to maximise the ROI of your campaigns. More data = Better insights = Better segmentations = Better target audiences = Better ROI = Better result measurement 
  • Increase targeting precision drastically by adding Bisnode’s existing consumer data on top of Facebook’s consumer data, resulting in higher ROI.
  • Reach the same audience online and offline through ”double-touch” campaigns – get higher conversion rates. In other words, advertisers can choose to only reach customers through Facebook, or reach them through Facebook and an additional channel, or reach a part of their audiences through Facebook and a part through another channel… The possibilities to optimize ROI are extensive.
  • The Facebook ads will appear only to those individuals who we have targeted

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