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Streamline information gathering with access to external data in your internal systems


Optimize the organization's work with a customized information flow


Improve internal processes with automated updating of quality-assured data

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Every day 16,000 trillion megabytes of data is produced. For a company, it means a great opportunity to gather information from a variety of sources: through digital services such as e-commerce solutions and apps, but also from external data sources.

This information can provide valuable insights about customers, such as changing consumption patterns, key figures, and the credit risk associated with an account. For companies, manually handling both the amount of data and the complexity of the information presents a challenge.

Using Bisnode's API connections, you get continuous updates with quality-assured customer and supplier data into your own systems. You save time, ensure that you base decisions on accurate data, and minimize the risk of errors.

Free up time by integrating Bisnode’s APIs

Free up time by integrating Bisnode’s APIs

Automated access to information in your own business systems

  • Streamline data gathering by integrating multiple sources in a single application
  • Keep your data up-to-date with automated routines for monitoring
  • Streamline processes by integrating relevant data directly into your systems
Create custom data solutions

Create custom data solutions

Information gathering with tailored APIs

  • Ensure that your business-critical systems always contain up-to-date and verified data
  • Optimize strategies and policies with access to external data in real time
  • Act on correct decisions-making data synchronized with the market's most up-to-date sources
Optimize your business with real-time updates

Optimize your business with real-time updates

All the relevant data on businesses and consumers across Europe

  • Minimize risk with automated control of the creditworthiness of customers and suppliers
  • Increase your upselling with access to up-to-date and accurate information on all customers
  • Save time by making all essential information available in the same place for the whole organization

There's a variety of data you can access via Bisnode's APIs, and development time depends on the level of complexity. For example, it takes about two days to develop a solution through which you receive updates about changes in all companies in Europe directly into your CRM system.

With the API connection, your sales force can be sure that contact information, names of decision-makers, and other information about companies and individuals are up-to-date — and your accounting department no longer needs to spend time looking for the correct billing address.

Bisnode APIs are extensive and you can choose the ones that best suit your business. For example, you can access:

  • Customer information — social security number, marital status, vehicle and property ownership, and death certificate
  • Contact information for consumers — addresses, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, historical addresses, do-not-call registry
  • Consumer credit ratings* — payment defaults, income tax
  • Consumers' business involvements — board memberships, senior management positions, company form, trade prohibition
  • Property information — titles, sold properties, area information
  • Vehicle information — registered owner, make and model, vehicle inspection
  • Contact information for businesses and decision-makers
  • Corporate group information — locally and globally
  • Mergers, bankruptcies, liquidations and de-registered companies
  • Financial information about companies —credit rating, financial statements, payment defaults, outstanding debt, authorized signatory
  • Phone plans — contact person, subscription period, invoice address

*Special requirements and a copy of request is sent to consumer

Through Bisnode's APIs, you can ensure that the information about your customers is accurate and up to date, but you can also prospect for new customers and new business opportunities with the help of real-time updates about individuals and companies in Europe.

You can, for example, identify people who have recently moved to your geographic catchment area, new companies in a given sector, or companies raising external capital or opening new branches. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to implement any necessary financial controls to ensure that you are prospecting customers with good solvency standing.

Our analysts and business consultants will gladly help you to develop and improve marketing and sales to both new and existing customers.

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